Is It Cheaper To Buy E-Bike Parts Online Or At A Bike Shop?

Electric bikes have been a fad since it started to be in the market. You could not deny it, it is more convenient and easier to ride on compared to the usual traditional bikes. Due to the demand, a lot of online shops sprouted selling electric bikes and e-bike parts online.

What electric bike parts are usually needed?

When you ride a bike, you need to know the basics of it such as the parts and not just accessories of the bike. This is important in order to ensure that you get to know your bike better and be able to give it better maintenance.

Here are the electric bike parts

  • Battery
  • Motor
  • Display
  • Throttle
  • Controller
  • Pedal
  • Brake
  • Tires
  • suspension


This gives life to your electric bike. The batteries enable your bike to start and your motor to pursue. Without a good and reliable battery, you bike that might have the best motor, but it will not get you anywhere.


This works hand in hand with the battery. A very good and reliable motor does not only ensure you have the best riding experience but also the safest one. A good motor will not leave you on the road peddling. A good motor makes you experience and encounter that you deserve.


Some of the electric bikes nowadays have the best display. This enables the rider to have interactive LCD screens to show them front rear real time videos for better visibility.


The throttles are usually used for pedal-assist electric bikes. A thumb throttle and a twist throttle are the throttles available that most of the bikers could take advantage of.


The task of the controller focuses on output, speed and assistance levels. This actually manages power delivery from the battery and then this goes directly communicated to the motor. Bikers should understand the importance of the controller as a busted controller will not allow you the correct speed and even turns.

Because of the various demands of e-bike parts, there have been online stores opening for such certain demand at a discounted price. The various electric parts sold online are even more cost efficient compared to the part you see in stores. A lot of online sellers have also endeavored selling on social media platforms with a more friendly price than the usual kiosks you see in the malls. No doubt that these online stores actually have better sales than the usual physical stores.